Science and the Theta Healing Miracle

We are in a time where we are facing a spiritual revolution and as such there are many techniques that are emerging with respect to how people can discover their true selves in addition to how they can change as well as heal themselves. Theta healing is a well-known therapeutic healing technique that is very powerful and very profound. Developed by an amazing Naturopath called Vianna Stibel, this technique enables the practitioner to look into someone’s space and identify exactly what they are experiencing emotionally, physically as well as energetically.

One thing Vianna found out from holding sessions with clients about this healing program is that it leads to spontaneous healing. Furthermore, this technique can be taught and learnt by anyone and as a result, she teaches these techniques to willing individuals across the globe. The theta healing technique is a registered trademark and is practiced in a variety of hospitals and other health institutions across the globe.

Faith Precedes the Healing Miracle

The core idea of Vianna’s healing technique is the ability it has with respect to tapping into one’s innermost connection with the Creator. A step into this paradigm changes and evolves one’s levels of consciousness and in the process allowing them to heal physical and emotional disorders that are deeply held subconsciously. This in turn helps the individual realize many of their real potentials and or gifts in life. When a person is using this technique, s/he moves into a deep state of meditation where the cycles of brainwaves per second are reduced. This state of the brain is called the Theta state and usually occurs during the early stages of sleeping or dreaming when there is a connection between the subconscious and conscious mind. During this connection, the brain is more flexible and can easily be reprogrammed. Furthermore, this state allows one’s body to be highly responsive to healing.

Theta Healing is actually Quantum Physics  

Today there is substantial scientific evidence to support the realization that human thoughts, beliefs and feelings have a great impact on their physical, emotional as well as psychological well-being. This takes this healing technique onto a new level. Through the use of this connection with the Creator, we are able to alter our minds in a way that it perceives and redesigns our innermost beliefs, thoughts and feelings that we have held throughout our lives and all they do is internally hinder or block us from external success.

Quantum mechanics in different ways posits that a witness to every process will have a definite effect on the outcomes of the same process. This is a revelation that comes with a lot of significance with respect to our thoughts as well as intentions. Healing practitioners help their clients heal by connecting to the energy of the Creator and asking the Creator to heal the client while they witness the healing process.

The human brain creates a variety of chemicals on a daily basis. These chemicals usually spread around the body and design the structure of the cell receptors as well as cell functioning. Research shows that every single state of the mind, feelings or thoughts creates different chemicals and electrical patterns. Furthermore, other evidence points that when “ill” cells are moved to a new environment that is well-balanced their health improves. The deepest environment of the human body is monitored by chemicals created by the brain with respect to emotional and mental well-being; thus, altering the state of the mind can literally change your health and general well-being.

There are studies that have been carried out to monitor the state of body cells after theta healing sessions and some of the results are actually amazing. For instance, an examination of the red blood cells indicated a change in form and function without changes in diet. This result is a major development with respect to our body’s health as well as internal balance.

The theta healing paradigm is life-changing and for sure it’s a gift that can help with any person willing to mentally, spiritually as well as emotionally grow.

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Learn to Love Yourself and Eliminate Anxiety

When you feel restless, you might not have an approach to quiet down, and you may be scared that your tension will, likewise, trigger a frenzy assault. An overactive sensory system is creating your tension and frenzy assaults if you are encountering them when you are really protected.

The reason you feel anxiety in spare circumstances, is on the grounds that something you are seeing, hearing, inhaling, or feeling at that minute helps you to remember a past misuse, misfortune or injury. You are really remembering that over misuse, misfortune or injury, although it senses that it is continuously created right now by the circumstances you are in.

The answer for tension and frenzy assaults is figuring out how to discharge the vitality creating your overactive sensory system. Your life will never again be loaded with anxiety and tension when you discharge this stuck vitality in your body, and you figure out how to adore yourself! Your body will be cooled, and your psyche will be caution.

Here’s a system you can practice feeling in loose in a moment. I call it “The Slow Scan Technique”(tm): Turn your head from left to right, making a  180-degree turn. While you turn your head, take a gander at articles in the space you’re in. Notice everything. What’s more as you watch subtle elements, say to yourself or so everyone can hear, “I’m sheltered” once for each one turn of your head? Next, turn your head from right to left. Watch your surroundings once more, and say, “I’m protected.”  Repeat the turning of your head and saying your sheltered the same number of times as it takes you to feel cool. You’ll be agreeably amazed how you feel. This system can quiet your body and psyche, if you are positively sheltered in the minute you are utilizing it. When you have quieted your sensory system down, you are in an extraordinary perspective to figure out how to cherish yourself. The key to genuinely cherishing yourself is addressing the majority of your needs. This is an extremely unmistakable definition, so you will now need to evaluate what your needs really are. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is incredible spot to begin breaking down what you have to concentrate on really loving yourself. Is it accurate to say that you are gathering your physical needs? Is it true that you are gathering your well being and security needs? Is it accurate to say that you are gathering toa place and acknowledgement needs? Is it true that you are gathering your real needs?

On the off chance that you are not addressing your needs every day, then you can make sure that constraining convictions, negative practices and injury or something to that effect is blocking you. You were conceived with 100% self-esteem and, you had exclusive requirements of having your needs met.

You can recapture yourself esteem by changing your negative programming.

Changing your negative convictions and practices obliges you to be mindful of the injuring associations that have occurred in your past. You have to re-encounter the emotions that those associations created for you with adoring backing from someone else, so you can re-conclude that you are unequivocally alright.

To change convictions and practices or to build your respect toward oneself and self-esteem, the greater part of your deliberations will concentrate internal. The best place to begin is to provide for your authorization to cherish yourself 100%. Make this a critical objective for yourself, and afterward recognize the particular negative convictions and practices throughout your life that are blocking you from the achievement you were fancy.

Don’t let yourself be stuck any more. When you cherish yourself, you let your genuine shimmer toward oneself: Who are you? What is your motivation? What do you want to do? What are your gifts? What do you appreciate and regard about yourself? Nothing ought to be blocking you from shinning in your actual light.

There is no reason, other than the negative convictions you have, that could be blocking you now from cherishing yourself 100%. Record any negative convictions or practices you have in a diary off chance that you have one. Investigate them until you see how you touched base at your negative decisions about yourself or your negative practices. At that point, please pardons yourself. Perceive that you were taught not to esteem yourself and to act in heartless courses by folks or parental figures that additionally didn’t know how to cherish themselves.

Take your energy back. Say no thanks to your negative convictions and practices, and conclude that you are alright, adorable, exceptional, interesting, inventive, splendid, capable, witty, insightful, and excellent or great looking. Adore yourself 100 percent, genuinely. You can have intimate romance and achievement in life when you provide for yourself the endowment of self-esteem and take out your nervousness one conviction, one conduct and one vitality discharging system at once.

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